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Audi A4 Sportback. This example is an s line model finished in quantum gray. At the rear, horizontal design language dominates.

Audi A4 Sportback Guide
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For 0% apr, monthly payment for every $1,000 you finance for 36 months is $27.78. Audi a4 vs audi a5 sportback:

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It comes with the same engines and produces the same output, but as a sedan, it's less practical. The audi a3 established the premium compact class in 1996.

Audi A4 Sportback Guide

The new audi a1 sportback. 2021 audi a5 sportback vs audi a4 sedan the a4 is very similar to the audi a5 in many ways. With the audi a5 sportback, you stand out from the crowd.

From its cockpit to its light signature and infotainment, the new audi a3 sportback is digitalized. Five doors lead to its five greatest strengths: The 2019 audi a4 is a classic sport sedan with all the latest audi performance, convenience and safety technology.