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Washing Toms Tennis Shoes. Select cold water and use a small amount of gentle detergent. Can you wash toms shoes?

Washing Toms Tennis Shoes Review
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And i wear them for work at home! Applying too much bleach to your shoes while cleaning them could cause them to turn yellow.

Olive Green TOMs High Top Suede Tennis Shoe Worn Approx 5

White shoes need to be cleaned more often than colored shoes because they easily show dirt and scuff marks. Take the shoes, laces, and insoles out of the washing machine.

Washing Toms Tennis Shoes Review

Fortunately, washing most athletic shoes is easy and takes only a few simple steps. The label will suggest the best way to wash shoes based on the type. This cleaning process is an ideal method for use on white fabric tennis shoes.

Cleaning up your favorite cotton or canvas shoes, say toms, and sneakers—white or otherwise—is easier than you may think. Wait for the entire cycle to be completed. Place them in the washing machine.